Tears For Fears – Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

First from duo since '89's The Seeds Of Love

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The title’s telling: with their greatest hits again nestling in the Top 10 and that “Mad World” cover nudging our nostalgia, Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are back together (Orzabal’s solos under the brand name don’t count, surely). And boy, have they come back big. It’s 10cc, it’s Rundgren, it’s Abbey Road?and that’s just the opening track. With production so glossy it’s almost fascist and vocals that shamelessly shunt huge choruses along with a “hey!” or a “wooh!”, TFF love the best of The Beatles like Oasis didn’t. “Closest Thing To Heaven” is like bathing in banknotes, and the ‘moody’ ones?”Call Me Mellow”, “Who Killed Tangerine?”?are more futuristic than retro. To lo-fifans, an obscenity, probably. But when and why did people stop making sumptuous, luxuriant epics like this? A guilty, gleeful indulgence.


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