Seachange – Lay Of The Land

Ardent art-rockers with a preacher's conviction

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A Nottingham six-piece (indie-rock subverted by violins) who through sheer force of willpower turn their weaknesses into strengths, Seachange are attracting rabid hype for this promising, flawed debut and its gusts of Interpol (or, for older readers, The Sound or Comsat Angels). At times it sounds like it was produced for threepence, and Dan Eastop’s voice is not what technicians call “good”. But he’s proof that it’s what you do with it that counts:urgent as a dying man, he rasps and yelps through his wordy, pleading tirades with such unflappable belief that the band soar to grandeur. Dynamically, it’s full of jagged theatre, and “Glitterball” repeats its charms till you’re seduced.

“Anglokana” is equally insistent, Seachange never losing their nerve. Wave them ahead.


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