Rothko And Blk W – Bear

Emotionally resonant ambient electro from Rothko mainman and pen pal

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Rothko is essentially Mark Beazley, who has moved on from his formative post-rock instrumental phase into ambient glitch territory.

For this extraordinarily potent recording?made in remembrance of 9/11?Beazley collaborated with Washington DC artist Blk w/BEAR. Completed mainly by the two artists exchanging computer files, it reflects the necessarily dislocated nature of such communication, establishing its mood with deep pools of pellucid guitar, sepulchral piano and assorted expressive electronic textures.

Both sumptuous and spare, Wish For A World Without Hurt recalls A Silver Mount Zion and Set Fire To Flames, Durutti Column and Arvo Part, and promises great things for the Trace label, Beazley’s very own imprint.


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