Stacker – Eurotechno

Mini album soundtrack to revolutionary Eurotechno video, originally released in 1989

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

Underrated Billy Wilder movie revived at the NFT

Minority Report

In 2054 murder is obsolete thanks to Precrime, whose precognitive psychics enable police to arrest killers before they can kill. Then Precrime detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is himself accused of planning a murder, and only the psychic Agatha (Samantha Morton) can clear him. Spielberg's masterful sci-fi suspense turns Philip K Dick's short story into something Hitchcockian and technologically dazzling.

Blade Runner Special Edition Deluxe Box Set

Whoo hoo! Ridley Scott's timeless sci-fi noir classic gets handsomely packaged in an impressive box set along with lobby cards, original 35mm frame, script book and poster Definitely Harrison Ford's finest hour, tracking Rutger Hauer and his band of existential Replicants through a neon-and-rain-soaked future LA. Peerless.

This Unhappy Brood

Brilliant comic pastiche which has been crowned Uncut's film of 2002

Various Artists – Elec-Trax

Sixteen shiny "synthpop classics"

To Helvetia And Back

Huge boxed set of European jazz festival concerts

Snide Effects

IMPERIAL BEDROOM Rating Star MIGHTY LIKE A ROSE Rating Star ALL DEMON Two ideas seem to connect these albums: production and fascism, emotional or otherwise.

Bob Sinclar And DJ Gregory – Africanism

French filtered disco goes ethnic

Benge – Meme Tunes

Mature and intriguing collection of clicks and cuts

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