Moby Grape – Legendary Grape

SF heroes' 1990 cassette-only release makes it onto CD

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In 1989, four-fifths of the original Moby Grape (minus the troubled Skip Spence) reconvened to record 10 new songs. Credited to The Melvilles?due to the long-running legal dispute over use of their name?it’s now bolstered by another 10 unissued tracks. There’s way too much heads-down boogie for a band whose greatest recording?1967’s Moby Grape?so nonchalantly tore up the 12-bar rulebook, but there are echoes of greatness in the sunburst attack of revived oldie “All My Life” and the ringing arpeggios of “Changing”. Proof that at their wistful best?as on re-recorded classic “8:05”, all lightly buttered harmonies and gentle strum?they remained untouchable.


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