Mellow – Perfect Colors

Oddly English-sounding quirkadelica from Paris

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Back for their second album proper (after providing a lush soundtrack album for Roman Coppola’s as-yet-unreleased movie, CQ), Parisians Patrick Woodcock and Pierre Begon-Lours concoct more of their deliciously quirky, soft-focus Enodelica. There’s something curiously English here, recalling the cup-of-tea whimsy of Another Green World and Here Come The Warm Jets (“Fantastic” is 2004’s “Cindy Tells Me”, dontcha know). And there’s tubas, too. Oh, and the odd Moog.

It’s jolly good fun, very retro cool, and there’s a hefty sprinkling of magic dust all round. Elsewhere, “Out Of Reach” echoes “Sugar Kane”-era Sonic Youth (oddly, perhaps), while “In The Meantime”?despite beautiful, swooning strings and A Surprise Banjo Moment?is just too up in the Air for comfort. A season of mellow fruitfulness. Like the man said.


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