Kerrier District

Prolific producer Luke Vibert's Cornish disco masterclass

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Is there no end to Luke Vibert’s talent? Over the past six months, the dextrous DJ and producer has released retro-jungle as Amen Andrews and, for Warp, YosepH, an LP of classic acid doodling. Now, with Kerrier District, his best record in years, he returns in spirit to his West Country roots for a sumptuous freestyle disco voyage. The mid-Cornwall council region where Vibert was raised, Kerrier District is also a playful dig at Metro Area, NYC’s just-so disco-house duo. Vibert shares their passion for generous grooves and bubbling synths, blending bell-bottomed staples like handclaps, cowbells, nimble funk and dippy melodies in fine fashion. Far from an exercise in nostalgia, Vibert makes this style his own. Pure joy from start to finish.


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