John Frusciante – Shadows Collide With People

Fourth solo album by Chili Peppers guitarist

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Although he’s been in and out of the band due to his drug problems, and was a latecomer anyway, John Frusciante has frequently been at the heart of most that is interesting about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His latest solo outing is full of surprising songs with some cracking tunes that step far outside the punk-funk-grunge-metal formula of the Chili Peppers. “Song To Sing When I’m Lonely” sounds more like R.E.M., “Regret” could be a Coldplay B-side, and “Wednesday’s Song” has a touch of Stephen Malkmus. He can’t decide if he’s a sonic terrorist or a wistful troubadour, and he’s not much of a singer, which he vainly attempts to disguise with a range of studio effects. But despite such limitations, people win out over the shadows on a surprisingly likeable collection.


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