Gold Chains & Sue Cie – When The World Was Our Friend

San Francisco art-punks' laptop party

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Unbowed following his tepidly received debut, pint-sized chain-smoking rapper Gold Chains (aka Topher LaFata) returns with a startling album of high-spirited pick ‘n’ mix pop that reminds us why we first fell for the charismatic MC three years ago. Perhaps it’s new cohort Sue Cie’s B-52s-ish influence, or micro-house guru Vladislav Delay’s sympathetic production, but there’s a breezy, confident swagger to When The World…, suggesting LaFata was, until now, a frustrated pop star in search of a suitable medium. With addictive punk-funk highlights “California Nites” and “Show Us Your Heart”, however, Gold Chains is still very much a contender.


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