Deadpan Canadian metallers mockumentary

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Mullet-headed losers Terry and The Deaner (David Lawrence and Paul Spence) spend their days drinking, dreaming of stardom and waxing profound about their “outlaw” existence. An amateur producer (Gordon Skilling) is making a documentary on them, although we don’t learn why, and the mullet-heads cruise through the film without learning or doing much, despite The Deaner being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

After a brilliant opening of Spinal Tappish slapstick, Fubar settles into a laugh-free pace comparable to A Mighty Wind. Your enjoyment will depend on picking up on the acutely observed smalltown rock-isms, such as when the guys’ estranged buddy Tron (Andrew Sparacino) answers the question, “What did you guys do?” with, “It wasn’t so much what we did as the fact that we did it. Just living each day blind and going the distance,” intercut with footage of Dean and Terry falling about drunk, smashing up bus shelters and hitting each other with sticks.


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