Fantasy mayhem from prolific Japanese director

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The Happiness Of The Katakuris


More madness from the hardest-working director in contemporary cinema?Takashi Miike. Currently churning out about three features a year, Miike’s output varies wildly in consistency and content, ranging through the good (Audition; Fudoh), the bad (the Dead Or Alive trilogy) and the ugly (the shock classics Visitor Q and Ichi The Killer). This, however, is unpredictable even by his standardsa fantasy musical that begins with a girl having her uvula removed by a cute flying beastie and ends with a Claymation volcano eruption. In between, Miike tells the story of a family who’re disturbed to discover that the few guests who check into their out-of-the-way hotel never check out again. Worried about bad publicity, they set about disposing of the bodies (particularly tricky in the case of the Sumo wrestler and the girl found beneath him). Deliriously all-over-the-place, Miike harnesses all the disparate elements (zombies! romance! fugitive killers!) to prevent this turning into a complete mess. Bizarre stuff.