Your basic Siamese twins vs Cher rom-com

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Stuck On You


All Farrelly brothers films are funny, but there’s a big difference between the ones starring hateful egomaniacs (beat it, Black and Carrey) and the ones starring proper actors. Bill Murray made Kingpin a classic with just a bad wig and attitude, and Greg Kinnear does the same for Stuck On You just by being charismatic and believable. Well, as believable as you can be as a conjoined twin with an eye for the ladies and showbiz aspirations.

Kinnear and Matt Damon are the twins who head for Hollywood to pursue Kinnear’s dreams while Damon simultaneously tries to woo a girl without her twigging Kinnear’s attached to him at the hip. This last plotline requires the same visual gag over and over again, forcing the Farrellys into feats of surreal inventiveness. As the twins rise to fame thanks (unintentionally) to the evil machinations of Cher, there are enough literate wisecracks and Hollywood in-jokes to put this in the same league as Airplane. A clever movie posing as a really, really dumb one.