Easyworld – Kill The Last Romantic

Second album from Top 40-scraping UK trio

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There’s obviously still an audience for Easyworld’s Ben Folds-meets-Radiohead melancholia but, sadly, this territory is already overcrowded?Placebo, Subcircus (remember them?), JJ72, even (at a pinch) Muse have all ploughed a not dissimilar furrow. On the plus side, Easyworld have David “Faultline” Kosten at the controls. Kosten, whose own album corralled Michael Stipe, Wayne Coyne and Chris Martin (on two songs that easily better the half-arsed bland-out of A Rush Of Blood To The Head), has a reputation for working with proper singers, and the appeal of Dav Ford’s lightly crumpled falsetto is obvious. Fragile, etherised songs like “You Have Been Here” work best?here the pervading (and, it must be said, predictable) sense of disquiet is beguiling rather than overplayed. Elsewhere, unfortunately, Ford’s undoubted songwriting ability gets a little lost in the general tastefulness. Perhaps this kind of thing has become the new MOR.


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