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And if that’s not enough Pink Floyd (see left), Live At Pompeii UNIVERSALRating Star is the director’s cut of their rather fine 1972 film, featuring such early in-concert favourites as “Careful With That Axe Eugene” and “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. Heaven knows, Prince’s records in recent years have ranged from the simply dire to the downright unlistenable. But he’s still a consummate showman, as he proves on Prince Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas UNIVERSALRating Star . Recorded at the end of last year, the show includes his versions of Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and James Brown’s “Pass The Peas”. But be warned: it’s not a greatest hits show, and you won’t find “Purple Rain” et al. The Gospel According To Al Green UNION SQUARE PICTURESRating Star doesn’t include many of his hits either, although “Let’s Stay Together” is here. For the rest, the 1984 film finds Green in full-on evangelical mood with prayers and sermons alongside the likes of “Nearer My God To Thee”. Alicia Keys?From Start To Stardom WEINERWORLDRating Star is an “unofficial” documentary?which means it includes interviews with everyone but Keys herself. Rockin’ In The USA DTSRating Star is a bit of a treat, with 22 tracks taken from German TV between 1969 and 1974, including astounding performances from the Grateful Dead (pictured below), Captain Beefheart, Spirit, The Beach Boys and Little Feat. Five years ago, the Pretty Things got back together to give their pioneering, pre-Tommy ‘rock opera’ SF Sorrow a makeover. SF Sorrow Live At Abbey Road SNAPPERRating Star commemorates the event and includes guest appearances from David Gilmour and Arthur Brown. A slew of variable in-concert DVDs this month includes Reef Live SNAPPERRating Star , which checks in at a marathon two-and-a-half hours, Stiff Little Fingers In Concert SECRET FILMSRating Star , on which “Suspect Device” sounds as explosive as ever, a riotous Jesus Jones Live At The Marquee SECRET FILMSRating Star and a reformed Mountain, trying a little too desperately to recreate the golden age of the power trio on Sea Of Fire WEINERWORLDRating Star . But for sheer, old-fashioned class, try Memories Of Duke WEINERWORLDRating Star , a loving homage to Duke Ellington from 1968.