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51-track double-disc comp gathering together hits and rarities

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All the hits (enough said, surely). Plus: mono mixes, alternative vocal takes and an unreleased “Close To You”. The slim gap? you could just slide a sheet of paper through there?between Dusty’s aspirations to sound like her black heroines and the inescapable whiteness of her voice is what makes it so unique and affecting. A frustrated but not tragic character, she riddles every song?the Bacharachs, the Goffin/Kings?with solid sourness and cracked emotion. “Goin’ Back” is just perfect.



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Bruce Springsteen, Uncut’s Review Of 2021, Jason Isbell, Yasmin Williams, Jonny Greenwood, The Weather Station, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, the Beach Boys, The Coral, and Marvin Gaye