Bruce Almighty

Canadian fuckwit becomes God. The end is nigh

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Some people say Christian fundamentalists have hijacked American politics. But it’s worse than that. The Stateside success of Bruce Almighty is the mark of a culture gone completely, medievally God-mental.

Bruce (Jim Carrey) is a TV reporter who has such a bad day he curses God. God (Morgan Freeman) manifests, challenges him to do better and gives him the job for a week. In a series of over-played physical skits, Bruce uses his divine powers to part soup, blow wind up ladies’ skirts, answer the prayers of everyone in town and make a rival newsreader’s voice go all squeaky. Yep, he can do anything?except make his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) forgive his unfaithful ways. What to do? (Hint: it involves praying.)

In a more enlightened era, this could have been a subtle, open-minded look at free will, aspirations, limitations and all that good human stuff. Instead it’s a suffocatingly pious exercise in blinkered self-righteousness. There is a natural audience for this film, and the increasing number like it. But it’s not us.


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