Blondie – Singles Box Set

Pop art taken to logical extreme

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Fifteen shiny singles (five UK No 1s, nine UK Top 10s) from the hissing “Rip Her To Shreds” through the radiant “Heart Of Glass” and “Atomic” (much to answer for, more to be thanked for) to, um, “War Child”. Each in a “pouchette” with original artwork. The ongoing repackaging of Blondie’s halcyon years is inevitable: learned in the ways of Warhol, Stein and Harry smartly saw before most that the selling of the dream could be as beautiful as the dream itself. A cool concept, till Madonna ran it into the ground.

Punk sizzle, hip hop’s baby steps and pop in excelsis mean that the real added bonus with this bountiful box set is music which moves like a panther, and forever will.


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