Sorely overdue reissue of a masterpiece of '60s Brit improv, complete with previously unissued material

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The People Band – People Band (1968)

This was financed and produced by Charlie Watts, and recorded over one frantic day in October 1968. Several of its participants ended up in Kilburn & The Highroads?indeed, lan Dury himself was present in the control room?while another member, trumpeter Mike Figgis, ended up as a Hollywood film director. This non-idiomatic, anything-goes group produced an astonishing melee of music which could be as volcanically intense as Coltrane’s “Ascension (Part 2”) and as open-minded as anything in the post-punk lineage from mid-period Alternative TV to Acid Mothers Temple. What every Pink Floyd album after Ummagumma should have sounded like.