Ultimate Music Guide: Sex Pistols

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Never mind the b*******, here’s the latest Uncut Ultimate Music Guide: the complete and unexpurgated story of the Sex Pistols. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of punk reportage from the archives of NME and Melody Maker: manifestos from Malcolm McLaren and Tony Parsons; adventures with the band in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Uxbridge, and on their last fateful tour of America; many long-lost interviews that reveal the antic genius and secret depths of the Pistols. Plus! We pass new, in-depth judgment on every Sex Pistols release, and follow the adventures of John Lydon, through the glory years of Public Image Ltd, up to the provocative Sex Pistols reunion in 1996, and beyond. “Energy, that’s the thing that’s missing from this bleeding country,” Lydon tells one Melody Maker journalist in 1986. “It makes me sick. What becomes clear to me is that I’m needed here. Good God, you need me. I’m your conscience…”

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