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Camper Van Beethoven – Cigarettes And Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years

Limited edition five-CD box from '80s US indie heroes


Despite the presence of the hapless Josh Hartnett, Tim Blake Nelson (him from O Brother, Where Art Thou) stirs up a sprightly, sinister revamp of Othello. Mekhi Phifer's fine as the school basketball hero who blows his future when jealous Josh, in the lago role, convinces him Julia Stiles is a duplicitous Desdemona. All this and Martin Sheen trying to look non-presidential as the sports coach.

This Month In Soundtracks

Even if you remain immune to the dark charms of Joss Whedon's mighty Buffy The Vampire Slayer, you'll have noticed that some of us drone on about The Musical Episode from season six like it was the second coming of Abbey Road, Diamond Dogs and Closer. It is absolutely that and no less. The soundtrack, my most prized possession since someone burned it off a mobile MP3 laptop duck-billed web-pager for me (or whatever), is now officially released by popular demand, the first authentic use of the phrase 'by popular demand' since Disraeli's era.

All About Eve – Iceland

First studio album in 10 years from top pop-goths

Blade II

Wesley Snipes returns as Blade the Daywalker, scourge of vampires despite being half-vampire himself. This time he's recruited by the Vampire Nation to lead a crack assault team (including the wonderful Ron Perlman) against a new breed of bloodsucker that menaces vampires as well as humans. As stylish as the first flick, but not quite as much fun.

Various Artists – Digital Disco

Avant-electro types dazzled by mirrorballs

Various Artists – I Only Wrote This Song For You: A Tribute To Johnny Thunders

Revamped covers LP lacks ragged glory

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