Yoko Ono unveils Montagu Square Blue Plaque for John Lennon

The notorious cover for 'Two Virgins' was shot at the London flat

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Yoko Ono has unveiled an English Heritage blue plaque on the Montagu Square apartment that she shared with John Lennon.

The ground floor and basement flat residence 34 Montagu Square was initially bought by Ringo Starr and then rented out to Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix.

Lennon and Ono moved into the property in 1968, and went on to shoot the naked cover of ‘Two Virgins’ in the apartment.

“I am very honoured to unveil this blue plaque and thank English Heritage for honouring John in this way,” said Yoko.

“This particular flat has many memories for me and is a very interesting part of our history. In what would have been John‘s 70th year, I am grateful to you all for commemorating John and this particular part of his London life, one which spawned so much of his great music and great art.”

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