Watch Animal Collective cover Silver Jews’ “Trains Across The Sea”

The band combined it with a performance of their unreleased track "Genie's Open"

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Animal Collective have recorded a new session for SiriusXM, during which they covered Silver Jews’ 1994 Starlite Walker cut “Trains Across The Sea”.

For their rendition, the experimental band spliced it up with “Genie’s Open”, a track which has never been officially released but has been performed live by the band on tour from as early as 2018.

In clips that have not been released online, the band also played recent songs “Prester John” and “Passer-by”, as well as Merriweather Post Pavilion track “Bluish”. For now, watch the band play their “Genie’s Open”/“Trains Across The Sea” mash-up below:


Animal Collective released their latest studio album, ‘Time Skiffs’, in February.

Earlier this week, Animal Collective cancelled a planned UK and European tour in support of Time Skiffs that was supposed to kick off in Ireland next month, saying in a statement that as they were planning for the tour, they faced “an economic reality that simply does not work and is not sustainable”.

“From inflation, to currency devaluation, to bloated shipping and transportation costs, and much much more, we simply could not make a budget for this tour that did not lose money even if everything went as well as it could,” they continued.

“We have always been the kind of people to persevere through the difficult times and get on stage unless our health prevented it. We are choosing not to take the risk to our mental and physical health with the economic reality of what that tour would have been.”

Originally published on NME

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