Thurston Moore to release Sonic Life memoir in 2023

The book will retell the story of Moore "coming to New York City as a teenager and finding my footing as a musician"

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Thurston Moore will release his memoir Sonic Life in 2023 after signing a new publishing deal.

Moore first told NME about the planned book in an interview last year, describing it as a retelling of his “history of coming to New York City as a teenager and finding my footing as a musician”.

“It’s not only just ‘Well here’s my life story’, as I wanted to get away from the ego of it and talk about the information – so when you first see a picture of Iggy and the Stooges in 1973 in a magazine, why did it have such an effect on you? Why did that photograph of something that was so subversive in the music scene appeal to somebody from a safe and protected middle-class lifestyle?” he said.


At the time, Moore said he hoped to publish Sonic Life within a year. Now, publishing house Faber has purchased the rights for a 2023 release.

A new synopsis on The Booksellers says the story is “all told via the personal prism of the author’s intensive archives and research”.

Moore released his last solo album By the Fire in 2020. In Uncut’s 8/10 review of the album, we said: ““Like anyone with almost 40 years of adventuring behind them, Moore’s music is now more about the deep, nuanced dig into established territory than striking out to plant a flag someplace new, plus exploring different contexts for his signature sound through continued collaboration.”

Originally published on NME

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