The Uncut Review: Neil Young’s Sugar Mountain!

Plus! The Kinks, J Tillman, Drumbo

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These albums are all released next week (December 8):


ALBUM REVIEW: NEIL YOUNG – SUGAR MOUNTAIN: LIVE AT CANTERBURY HOUSE 1968 5* Post Springfield and before the Goldrush, two nights with Neil and his guitar in Ann Arbor, Michigan

ALBUM REVIEW: THE KINKS – PICTURE BOOK 3* Brilliant to bland: beat-poppers collected on six CDs

ALBUM REVIEW: J TILLMAN – VACILANDO TERRITORY BLUES 4* Fleet Fox excels, moodily, away from the pack


ALBUM REVIEW: DRUMBO – CITY OF REFUGE 3* Beefheart alumni reunite for another tilt at the cosmic blues

Plus here are some of UNCUT’s recommended new releases from the past month – check out these albums if you haven’t already:

ALBUM REVIEW: WARREN ZEVON – WARREN ZEVON 4* The Excitable Boy’s 1976 classic reissued, plus disc of unreleased flotsam

ALBUM REVIEW: HANK WILLIAMS – THE UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 5* Whole heap o’hard-to-find Hank, when he was toast of the breakfast show

ALBUM REVIEW: LITTLE JOY – LITTLE JOY 3* The Strokes go Tropicalia? Well, everyone needs a holiday

ALBUM REVIEW: KANYE WEST – 808S AND HEARTBREAK 2* The Louis Vuitton don ditches the rapping and the soul and is left with… well, not much, actually

ALBUM REVIEW: THE KILLERS – DAY AND AGE 4* Brandon Flowers and co start learning from Las Vegas on extravagant third album

ALBUM REVIEW: ON THE HOUR – SERIES 1 AND 2 BOX SET 5* Chris Morris’ seminal radio spoof comes to CD

ALBUM REVIEW: THE DOORS – LIVE AT THE MATRIX 4* The “healthy young apes”, breaking through

ALBUM REVIEW: DAMON AND NAOMI – MORE SAD HITS 4* Reissue of early 90s lo-fi classic, by former Galaxie 500 members

ALBUM REVIEW: PAUL WELLER – PAUL WELLER AT THE BBC 4* 4CD set proves he’s more changing man than Plodfather

ALBUM REVIEW: THE SMITHS – THE SOUND OF THE SMITHS 4* The definitive compilation of Morrissey and Marr. So far

ALBUM REVIEW: GENESIS – 1970 – 75 3* A suitably hefty compendium – five early, extravagant albums, extras, plus archive video footage – PLUS interview with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks here

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