The Strokes To Start On Fourth Album

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture 'excited' band are finally going back to the studio

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The Strokes are to start work on a new album early next year, bassist Nikolai Fraiture has confirmed to BBC Newsbeat, after his debut solo gig in London last night (October 15).

Fraiture says the five members will be ready to record new material together, after a hiatus to pursue family and solo projects, saying: “One thing led to another so studio time kept getting pushed back.”

The follow-up to 2006’s First Impressions Of Earth will begin when the band recovene in the studio in February.


Fraiture said: “We are looking at going into the studio in February

now and getting back to being a band again.”

Fraiture played a show under the name Nickel Eye at London’s Borderline, backed by London band South. His debut album The Time of Assasins will be released in the New Year.


Speaking about all members side-projects whilst the band has been on hold, Fraiture said: “I’m excited about moving on from this phase and using all the experience we (The Strokes) have from projects like this for our fourth album.”

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