The London Film Festival: Big Star, the Stones and more…

This year’s London Film Festival opens for business in October.

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This year’s London Film Festival opens for business in October.

As to be expected, the quality appears extremely high – we are to be spoilt with new films from Michael Haneke, Jaques Audiard and Michael Winterbottom, as well as documentaries on the Stones, Ginger Baker amd artist Ralph Steadman.


Here, anyway, are half a dozen films I’m looking forward to seeing. The festival runs from October 10 – 21, and you can find a full programme here.

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Drew DeNicola


Following on from the Big Star Third shows at the Barbican in May, Drew DeNicola’s Kickstarter funded film tells the band’s story, with recollections from Jody Stephens, REM’s Mike Mills, Evan Dando and more.

Seven Psychopaths

Director: Martin McDonagh

Great title. Unconstructed crime caper from In Bruges’ McDonagh, reunited here with Colin Farrell. Also stars Sam Rockwell, Wood Harrelson, Christopher Walken and Tom Waits. Of considerable interest.


Michael Haneke

Austrian filmmaker Haneke’s latest intelligent and insightful drama, about a retired music teacher tending his stroke-damaged wife in their Paris apartment.

Crossfire Hurricane

Director: Brett Morgen

It’s that 50th anniversary Stones’ doc. Director Brett Morgen – who made The Kid Stays In The Picture documentary about film producer Robert Evans – has been given full access to the Stones archive, and conducted fresh interviews with the band.


Director: Ben Affleck

Affleck also stars as an “exfiltration” operative, charged with rescuing six Americans from revolutionary Iran in 1980. His cover? As a movie producer, scouting desert locations for a cheap Star Wars knock-off.

Good Vibrations

Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn

The story of Terri Hooley, the godfather of Belfast punk, and his Good Vibrations label and record shop, against the backdrop of, and in response to, sectarian violence. David Holmes provides the soundtrack.


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