The Breeders To Curate All Tomorrows Parties Festival

Teenage Fanclub, Throwing Muses lined-up

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The Breeders have been announced as curators for next May’s All Tomorrows Parties Festival.

The band created by Pixies bassist Kim Deal have already lined up Throwing Muses, Teenage Fanclub and Holy F**k for the festival taking place at Butlins Minehead from May 15-17.

The previous week sees the return of ATP Vs The Fans from May 8-10. Already lined up for that are Devo, Spiritualized and a reformed Sleep. Voting for artists opens on November 17.

Following on from Glastonbury’s deposit scheme, ATP are also offering festival goers the chance to pay a £50 or £60 deposit for their chalet, with the remainder payable in January.

More information about the two festivals and to buy tickets, go to the ATP website here:

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