Super Furry Animals Announce New Album Details!

The ninth album is due out in April, see the full track list here

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Super Furry Animals have confirmed that their ninth studio album, the follow up to ‘Hey Venus’ is nearly complete and will be released in April.

Since the last SFA album in 2007, Daf, Guto, Cian and Gruff have worked on various side projects including The Peth, Acid Casuals and Neon Neon, but all are now currently about to finish the new as-yet-untitled 13 track album in Cardiff.

The band have commented on the imminent release, saying:”Musically it’s based around riffs and grooves we’ve been playing around with over the last few years. We have enough now for a whole album so even though it’s still very melodic we thought we could leave off the acoustic ballads for the time being.”


Adding: “It’s recognisable as a melodic SFA record, but is very focused musically as a cohesive album. And no country rock as Daf has developed a pedal steel phobia. Which has confined the great Nashvillian

instrument along with the Saxophone to the banned instrument directive of the SFA board. There’s only one slow number which isn’t slow at all.”

The album will be released digitally on their website


on March 16, with the physical version coming on April 13.

The tracklisting is currently as follows:

1.’The very best of Neil Diamond’

2. White socks/Flip Flops.

3. Inaugural Trams.

4. Sounds Familiar.

5. Cardiff in the sun.

6. Where do you wanna go?

7. LLiwiau LLachar.

8. Mountain.

9. Moped eyes.

10. Inconvenience.

11. Crazy Naked Girls.

12. Earth.

13. Prick.

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