Stone Roses’ John Squire: ‘Reforming for a payday is tragic’

Guitarist says Stone Roses reunion rumours are 'a symptom of the times'

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Former guitarist with the Stone Roses John Squire has dismissed the possibility of the Stone Roses reuniting and has said that he believes the idea of bands reforming for a cash windfall is “tragic.”

Speaking to Shortlist, Squire said he believed the only reason rumours that the Stone Roses were set to reunite continued to circulate is because their fanbase can afford to pay for expensive gig tickets.

He said of band’s reuniting after many years apart: “When it’s just a get-together for a big payday and everyone gets their old clothes out, that seems tragic to me.”

Squire added about the possibility of the Stone Roses reuniting: “I don’t see these rumours as special or flattering. It’s a symptom of the times. People who can afford to waste money on gigs now are of a certain age and the Stone Roses fit their brief.”

He also said that despite reports of big money being offered for a reformation, negotiations had never got as far as a fee being talked about. He said of any potential fee: “It’s never got that far. I hear rumours, but no-one ever phones me and says ‘Will you do it for this amount?”

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