Snow Patrol and REM supergroup ‘is a dark tale of bad deeds’

Gary Lightbody reveals all about Tired Pony

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Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has described his debut album with supergroup Tired Pony, which includes REM‘s Peter Buck, as a “dark tale of bad deeds”.

‘The Place We Ran From’ was recorded in one week with Bloc Party producer Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee, and all the songs were laid down in first or second takes.

“There’s quite a lot of blood dripping from this record,” Lightbody told Uncut’s sister publication NME. “You have to go really deep into the record before you find it, but it’s there. There’s quite a lot of dark tales of bad deeds.”

Lightbody recruited a host of guest stars to feature on the album, including Buck, Editors frontman Tom Smith, Snow Patrol touring member Troy Stewart, Snow Patrol collaborator Iain Archer and Belle & Sebastian drummer Richard Colburn.

“I had no idea if the music was going to be country, folk, blues or whatever,” explained Buck, after signing on for the project. “I was prepared for a punk record, I brought my mandolin. As long as it was spontaneous and improvised, it sounded like a very exciting thing to do.”

“It was a loose-limbed idea of mine to get people together to record a bunch of songs I’d been writing,” added Lightbody. “But when I got in the studio I realised the songs we were writing there were better than the ones I’d already written.”

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