Smashing Pumpkins Celebrate 20 Years With New DVD

First live DVD from Billy Corgan and co

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The Smashing Pumpkins are to release a 20th anniversary double DVD set – featuring their first ever live recording available on DVD.

Entitled “If It All Goes Wrong”, the DVD commemorates the band’s reunion last year with a documentary charting the band’s history since forming in Chicago in 1988.

The set out on November 11, features a 105 minute live recording of the Smashing Pumpkins, culled from five shows of an eleven night residency at San Francisco’s Fillmore Autitorium last August.


If It All Goes Wrong has been directed and produced by Jack Gulick (Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Steve Miller Band, Godsmack) and Daniel E Catullo III (Steve Miller Band, Godsmack, Rush, Dave Matthews Band), and bonus footage includes an interview with The Who‘s Pete Townshend too.

Commenting on the forthcoming release, singer Billy Corgan says: “We went into the residencies hopeful to play some new music, with the idea I would write during the day and we could maybe even play new songs that same night,”

“What I didn’t anticipate is how much the process would inspire me, positively and negatively, to report what I was seeing and feeling from the shows. The documentary shows that process in an interesting way that reveals the link between the band and our audience.”


Smashing Pumpkins’ If It All Goes Wrong full tracklisting is:

Disc One:

“If All Goes Wrong” documentary

“Voices Of The Ghost Children” featurette

Interview with The Who guitarist, Pete Townshend

Disc Two:

*The Fillmore Residency

1. The Rose March*

2. Peace + Love*

3. 99 Floors*

4. Superchrist

5. Lucky 13

6. Starla

7. Death From Above

8. The Crying Tree Of Mercury

9. Winterlong

10. Heavy Metal Machine

11. Untitled

12. No Surrender*

13. Gossamer*

14. Zeitgeist

Bonus Tracks: Live From The Floor Of The Fillmore

*previously unreleased

*”99 Floors”

*”Peace + Love”

*”No Surrender”


*”Promise Me”*

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