Scorsese’s Rolling Stones Film Opens Berlin Festival

Plus, read Uncut's first review of 'Shine A Light'

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Martin Scorsese‘s new Rolling Stones concert film ‘Shine A Light’ has opened this year’s Berlin Film Festival last night (February 8).

The Stones joined Oscar winner Scorsese at a news conference with guitarist Keith Richards saying that he had wondered “what Martin would come up with” and pleased that the film maker’s use of cameras didn’t get in the way of their gigs, despite there being 26 of them. Richards said: “We didn’t even see them, we didn’t even know they were there, and that was the important thing to me.”

He added: As far as I’m concerned, we played three nights at the Beacon and Martin happened to capture it on film. It’s a beautiful way to do it.”


Scorsese responded by saying he has always been a fan of Rolling Stones’ music, saying: “Whenever I saw the show I’d get excited – I wanted to get a camera up there. We tried to get as close as possible to the energy of a live concert.”

‘Shine A Light’ was recorded in New York in 2006.

Singer and writer Patti Smith, who also has a documentary screening in Berlin was among the guests at the film screening.


Scorsese’s next music-related film is to be based on Bob Marley‘s life story.

The as-yet-untitled film has been given the go-ahead by the reggae legend’s family and is due for release on what would have been Marley’s 65th birthday, February 6, 2010.

Shine a Light, is scheduled for release in the UK on April 11.

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