Robert Plant: ‘There’ll Only Be One Led Zep Show’

Singer rubbishes rumours of a full tour after O2 show

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Robert Plant has flatly denied rumours that Led Zeppelin will play a full tour following their benefit gig at London‘s O2 Arena on November 26.

Speaking to Uncut, the singer said: “There’ll be one show and that’ll be it. We need to do one last great show. Because we’ve done some shows and they’ve been crap.”

When asked if he thought he would be tempted to play more shows if the O2 Arena gig goes well, Plant replied: “Not for me. But I can’t speak for anyone else.”

Led Zeppelin are set to release a new greatest hits set, “Mothership”, on November 12.

Millions of fans registered for the ballot to get a seat at the O2 Arena show, of which it’s expected one in fifty will get tickets.

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