Radiohead To Top UK Album Chart

In Rainbows, finally eligible for the count, to be first number one of 2008

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Radiohead‘s new latest studio album ‘In Rainbows’ is on course to be the New Year’s first Number One album this Sunday (January 6).

The album, the band’s seventh, was released as a physical format through their new label XL Recordings on December 31, after previously only being available as a download from Radiohead’s own website.

‘In Rainbows” original online release meant that the album was ineligible for a chart placement. However, huge sales in the past week for the CD and LP estimated to reach 50,000 copies should see the band hit the top spot this weekend.

Music retailer HMV’s spokesman Gennaro Castaldo has explained: “No doubt many people appreciated the opportunity to download the album for free, but this demand also underlines the enduring appeal of the CD.”

He added: “As true fans we love to buy and collect albums by our favourite artists in their physical form while also having the opportunity to create our favourite playlists via downloads. The simple truth is we want to have the best of both worlds – to be able to mix and match between physical and digital music, and as retailers we’re doing more and more to cater to this growing trend.”

Pic credit: PA Photos


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