Radiohead, The White Stripes And Beck On New DVD

One-off music sessions are compiled for new release

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Radiohead, White Stripes and Beck are among the artists who appear on a forthcoming live sessions DVD release.

The intimate gigs were recorded for the first series of Sky Arts programme “From The Basement” and featured a diverse array of artists; from PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth to Damien Rice and Super Furry Animals.

Out on November 3, the two hour DVD also features two unique solo ‘In Rainbows’ performances by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke; “Down Is The New Up” and “Videotape.”

From The Basement’s full track listing is:

RADIOHEAD – 1) Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 2) Reckoner
WHITE STRIPES – 1) Blue Orchid / Party Of Special Things To Do 2) Red Rain
BECK – 1) Motorcade 2) Cell Phone’s Dead
JAMIE LIDDEL – 1) In The City
THE SHINS – 1) Turn On Me 2) Phantom Limb
JARVIS COCKER – 1) Fat Children
NEIL HANNON – 1) A Lady Of A Certain Age
LAURA MARLING – 1) Your Only Doll (Dora)
SONIC YOUTH – 1) The Sprawl 2) Pink Stream
EELS – 1) Millicent Don’t Blame Yourself 2) It’s A Motherfucker
ALBERT HAMMOND JR – 1) Everyone Gets A Star 2) Postal Blowfish
P.J. HARVEY – 1) The Piano 2) The Devil
SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – 1) Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon 2) The Gift That Keeps On Giving
DAMIEN RICE – 1) Delicate 2) Blower’s Daughter
AUTOLUX – 1) Let It Be Broken
JOSE GONZALEZ – 1) Abraham 2) High Low
THOM YORKE – 1) Down Is The New Up 2) Videotape

Pic credit: PA Photos

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