Drummer-turned-solo-star talks about songwriting process


[b]Radiohead[/b]’s [b]Phil Selway[/b] has jokingly admitted that he finds it a touch daunting being bandmates with [b]Thom Yorke[/b] now he’s a solo musician too.

The drummer is set to release his first solo album, [b]’Familial'[/b], on August 30 – and has told [b]Uncut’s[/b] sister title [b]NME[/b] that it can be a bit of a tough prospect writing songs around the man he rates as one of the best songwriters in the business.

When asked if it was daunting being in a band with [b]Yorke[/b], [b]Selway[/b] said, “Oh yeah, of course! I think he’s one of the best songwriters around, it’s a very high benchmark to have, a very high bar to have set for you. But everybody in the band has been very supportive [of my solo work].”

Despite rating [b]Yorke[/b] so highly, [b]Selway[/b] said he wasn’t tempted to ask him for advice when writing his own album.

“Not really,” he shrugged when asked if he sought some words of wisdom from [b]Yorke[/b]. “I’m probably not the best person at taking advice…”

Read the full interview with [b]Radiohead[/b]’s [b]Phil Selway[/b] in the issue of [b]NME[/b] on UK newsstands now.

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