Radiohead newspaper writer reveals themes of ‘The Universal Sigh’

Jay Griffiths speaks about free publication

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Jay Griffiths, one of the contributers to Radiohead‘s recently-distributed free newspaper, has spoken to NME about the themes the band wanted for the publication.

On Monday (March 28) free copies of the newspaper, The Universal Sigh, were distributed around the world. Frontman Thom Yorke personally handed out copies in London.

Author Jay Griffiths wrote an article entitled ‘Forests Of The Mind’ for the newspaper. She told NME that the band gave her a simple brief for her work.


“All they said was that it was going to be a free newspaper given out internationally about woods, trees and forests,” she explained. “That really was about it, which was fantastic because that meant we could take it wherever we wanted to.”

She added: “I’ve written loads about the Amazon, the forests in West Papua and the importance of trees and woodlands in general and so it wasn’t an unfamiliar topic to me.”

Read the full interview with Griffiths at NME.COM/blogs now.


Griffiths is also the author of Wild: An Elemental Journey.

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