Radiohead Album Gets Proper Release Date

Band's managers also confirm the band will sign a deal 'within the next 7 days'

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Radiohead managers Bryce Edge and Chris Hufford have revealed that the band’s new studio album, In Rainbows, will be available to buy in record shops from January, two months earlier than previous speculation.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning (October 4) about the decision to release In Rainbows as a digital download on October 10, Edge and Hufford confirmed that the record will be available in shops from January – quashing rumours it would in fact appear in March.

At the time of In Rainbows download release, the band will still not be in a contract with any record label, they finished their EMI contract obligations with the release of 2003’s Hail To The Thief.


Hutton has now also confirmed that Radiohead definitely expect to sign a new record deal “within the next seven days”.

He said: “We’ve got about seven days to sort it out. We tend to fly by the seat of our pants. The band think they [are] incredibly proud of this record and feel that it deserves to be brought into the mass marketplace. That’s why we need a record company who have that infrastructure to deliver the CD.”

Responding to the previous announcement, that fans would be able to ‘name their price’ for their copy of the new album, Edge said that the band had faith people would not just download the album for free.


“We’re prepared to take a risk,” he explained. “If your music is great, people will then pay for it.”

Hutton added: “The wonderful [thing] is that the consumer can decide how much a download is worth. I’m not sure how much just a digital download is worth. I’m not sure 79p – the iTunes price – is the right price.”

A ‘discbox’ with the double album on 12″ vinyl and an extra CD is also available for £40.

You can pre-order the digital download of In Rainbows from

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