Josh Homme says band is discussing five-night show

[b]Queens of the Stone Age[/b] are toying with the idea of playing all of their albums live in their entirety.

[b]Josh Homme[/b] his bandmates have been discussing holding a five-night concert for the event, as they regroup ahead of playing this summer’s [b]Reading And Leeds Festivals[/b].

“We’ve talked about how much we enjoyed when [b]Cheap Trick[/b] performed their first three records and we’ve thought about doing five nights for each record,” the frontman told [url=]Rolling Stone[/url]. “It’s been discussed – after a few shots – but it’s been discussed.”

The talks have been occurring as the band prepare to start work on their next album.

“I have ideas already absolutely,” [b]Homme[/b] said of the forthcoming record. “It’s all about wiggling hips. The music is gonna go further down that strange and lovely path of (2007)’s [b]’Era Vulgaris'[/b].”

In addition to debating the five-night run and writing a new album, the band are set to [url=]reissue a 10th anniversary edition of their major-label debut ‘Rated R'[/url].

“[b]Universal[/b] wanted to do a 10-year anniversary and I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ I have trouble looking too far forward or back,” said the singer, who had earlier told [b]NME[/b] he was [url=]surprised the band had lasted long enough to justify a reissue[/url].

[b]Homme[/b] has also busied himself with his label [b]Rekords Rekords[/b], set to release new tracks from [b]Homme[/b]’s [b]Desert Sessions[/b] project and [b]Queens Of The Stone Age[/b] guitarist [b]Alain Johannes[/b]’ solo debut.

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