Queen: ‘We’ve endured because we speak for common people’

Brian May has also helped saved the life of a brain damaged hedgehog

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Queen guitarist Brian May has said he believes his band’s legacy has endured so well because they “speak for common people”.

Speaking to the BBC, May said that he felt that the band’s honesty in their songwriting was the reason that they were still so well regarded.

Asked why Queen‘s legacy had endured, May said: “We’re not the most technically accomplished, we’re not virtuosos. We speak how we feel and I think we speak for common people. We’ve always been a people’s band. We’re not locked into any time frame, we speak for people’s dreams, hopes and aspirations and I think that endures”.

The band were speaking ahead of their appearance at the MTV EMAs on Sunday (November 6) where they were presented with the Global Icon Award and performed ‘We Are The Champions’ with guest singer Adam Lambert.

May also made headlines last week after he agreed to let a hedgehog which had been left brain damaged after being “kicked like a football” to be released into a garden he owns.

According to BBC News, the hedgehog, which is named ‘Percy’, was attacked in April outside Arena Leisure Centre in Camberley, Surrey. Its attacker was prosecuted by the RSPCA and given a nine-week suspended jail sentence with a 12-month supervision order.

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