Primal Scream Cover Suicide

Primal Scream and Lydia Lunch mark Alan Vega’s birthday with limited edition release

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To mark Suicide front-man Alan Vega’s 70th birthday, Primal Scream will release a limited vinyl pressing of “Diamonds, Furcoat, Champagne”.

“Suicide songs are so perfect and fully realized that it was hard to pick one and reinterpret it in a personal way,” said Bobby Gillespie. “We chose “Diamonds, Furcoat, Champagne” as we loved the lyric and also it’s sci-fi futuristic sound. We did a garage rock glam version with French electro chanteuse Miss Kitten in the end and tried to bring out the pop song that lies beneath every Suicide track”.

Available from March 30 in a limited run of 3,000, the disc is part of a year-long series from blastfirstpetite playing tribute to Vega and Suicide’s enduring influence.

The second March release will see No Wave legend Lydia Lunch cover “Frankie Teardrop”, and will also feature an unreleased demo version of the song from 1976. “My tongue around Alan Vega’s words is a wet dream come true,” said the former Teenage Jesus and the Jerks vocalist.

The series began with limited edition covers by Bruce Springsteen and The Horrors. Each release will include an established artist covering one of Vega’s songs, a previously unreleased Suicide/Vegas rarity and a cover version from an up and coming artist.

Other artists due to contribute include Peaches, Grinderman, Spiritualised, Klaxons, Liars, Julian Cope, S.C.U.M and Vincent Gallo.

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