Peter Gabriel’s covers album to include Neil Young and Radiohead?

A track list is released for 'Scratch My Back'

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Peter Gabriel‘s covers album is expected to include Neil Young, David Bowie and The Kinks tracks.

The orchestrally reinterpreted tracks are part of Gabriel’s long term Scratch My Back’ project – which sees artists cover each others songs.

The album is expected to be released early in 2010.

The track listing for ‘Scratch My Back’ is expected to be as follows:

‘Heroes”‘ (David Bowie)
‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ (Radiohead)
‘The Book Of Love’ (Magnetic Fields)
‘Flume’ (Bon Iver)
‘My Body Is A Cage’ (Arcade Fire)
‘Listening Wind’ (Talking Heads)
‘I Think It’s Going to Rain Today’ (Randy Newman)
‘Après Moi’ (Regina Spektor or Eartha Kitt)
‘Waterloo Sunset’ (The Kinks)
‘The Boy In The Bubble’ (Paul Simon)
‘The Power Of The Heart’ (Lou Reed)
‘Philadelphia’ (Neil Young)
‘Mirrorball’ (Elbow)

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