Pet Shop Boys Do Coldplay At Latitude

Disco re-working of Viva La Vida is just one highlight of the festival show

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Pet Shop Boys cheekily covered Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” as part of their headlining set at Latitude Festival on Friday night. Having pricked U2’s bubble of pretension 20 years ago with their version of “Where The Streets Have No Name”, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe directed their ironic wit at Chris Martin by re-imagining his band’s worldwide chart-topper as a hi-energy disco classic.

As Lowe punched the requisite keys for the intro to their own “Domino Dancing”, Tennant strolled onto the stage wearing a crown and cape, and the music segued into the Coldplay track. The singer ran through a series of outlandish hand gestures, while regaling a packed Obelisk arena of how things were “when I ruled the world”.

The surprise cover was a highlight of a 90-minute set that mixed a string of big hit singles with a liberal smattering of tracks from their most recent album, Yes.


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The Pet Shop Boys Latitude 2009 set list was:



Did You See Me Coming


Can You Forgive Her?

Love, Etc

Building A Wall

Go West

Two Divided By Zero

Why Don’t We Live Together?

Always On My Mind

Left To My Own Devices

Do I Have To?

Kings Cross

The Way It Used To Be



All Around The World

Se A Vida E

Domino Dancing

Viva La Vida

It’s A Sin


Being Boring

West End Girls

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Pic credit: Richard Johnson


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