Peggy Seeger announces “probably” her final album, First Farewell

Watch a live video for single "The Invisible Woman" now

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85-year-old folk legend Peggy Seeger has announced what is “probably” her final album.

Her 24th solo album First Farewell will be released on April 9 via Red Grape Music. Watch a live performance of first single “The Invisible Woman”, featuring her sons Neill and Calum MacColl, below:


“The Invisible Woman” was co-written with Neill. “He was hesitant for ages about co-writing with me,” says Seeger. “He turned up at my home one day, laid his 6’1” self along my two-seater sofa and laconically offered a possible subject for a song. ‘The Invisible Woman’ strolled in gradually, wearing clown shoes and lace underwear. We ended up with a song that expressed an uncomfortable new feeling that was creeping up on us both but that echoed the folk songs that I’d sung to him since birth.”


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