Pearl Jam unveil tracklisting for ‘Twenty’ documentary soundtrack

Grunge legends to release mammoth live and rarities collection

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Pearl Jam have unveiled the tracklisting for their ‘Twenty’ documentary soundtrack.

The compilation, which is split into two discs, features 15 live recordings on the first disc and a further 15 B-sides, demos and rarities on the second disc. It has been given a release date of September 19, the day before the documentary will be shown in cinemas across the country.

The film, which has been directed by Almost Famous man Cameron Crowe, has been cut from 1,200 hours of rare footage and features recent interviews with the band members and live concert clips.


A book, also called Pearl Jam Twenty, will be released on September 12. Compiled and written by Jonathan Cohen with Mark Wilkerson, the book includes a foreword by Cameron Crowe as well as interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Dave Grohl.

The tracklisting for the ‘Twenty Official Soundtrack’ is as follows:

Pearl Jam Twenty (Disc One)





‘Why Go’



‘Last Exit’

‘Not For You’

‘Do The Evolution’

‘Thumbing My Way’

‘Crown Of Thorns’

‘Let Me Sleep’

‘Walk With Me’

‘Just Breathe’

Disc Two (Rarities and Inspiration)

‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’

‘Times Of Trouble’

‘Acoustic #1’

‘It Ain’t Like That’

‘Need To Know’

‘Be Like Wind’

‘Given To Fly’

‘Nothing As It Seems’ (Demo version)

‘Nothing As It Seems’ (Live version)


‘Of The Girl’



‘Better Man’


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