Paul McCartney re-releasing solo albums

'McCartney' and 'McCartney II' to be re-issued

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Paul McCartney is set to re-issue his 1970 solo album ‘McCartney’ and 1980’s ‘McCartney II’ on June 13 with a vast array of extras.

The remastering process was supervised by the singer and was undertaken at Abbey Road Studios by the same team who remastered The Beatles‘ back catalogue recently.

The re-issue of ‘McCartney’ will feature seven bonus tracks. There will also be a ‘Deluxe Edition’ issued, which will include a DVD of rare and previously-unreleased footage along with a 128-page booklet featuring previously-unpublished photos taken by McCartney and his late wife Linda.


The re-issue of ‘McCartney II’ will feature eight bonus tracks, including b-sides and alternative song versions. The four-disc ‘Deluxe Edition’ will featured a DVD and an additional eight bonus audio tracks. It will also feature a 128-page booklet with photos from Linda.

The tracklisting of ‘McCartney’ is:



‘The Lovely Linda’

‘That Would Be Something’

‘Valentine Day’

‘Every Night’

‘Hot As Sun/Glasses’


‘Man We Was Lonely’

‘Oo You’

‘Momma Miss America’

‘Teddy Boy’

‘Singalong Junk’

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’



‘Suicide’ (outtake)

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ (from TV special One Hand Clapping)

‘Every Night’ (live in Glasgow, 1979)

‘Hot As Sun’ (live in Glasgow, 1979)

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ (Live in Glasgow, 1979)

‘Don’t Cry Baby’ (outtake)

‘Women Kind’ (demo)


‘The Album Story’

‘The Beach’

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ (music video)

‘Suicide’ (from TV special One Hand Clapping)

‘Every Night’ (live at Concert For The People Of Kampuchea)

‘Hot As Sun’ (live at Concert For The People Of Kampuchea)

‘Junk’ (from MTV Unplugged)

‘That Would Be Something’ (from MTV Unplugged)

The tracklisting of ‘McCartney II’ is:


‘Coming Up’

‘Temporary Secretary’

‘On The Way’


‘Nobody Knows’

‘Front Parlour’

‘Summer’s Day Song’

‘Frozen Jap’

‘Bogey Music’


‘One Of These Days’


‘Blue Sway’ (with Richard Niles orchestration)

‘Coming Up’ (live in Glasgow)

‘Check My Machine’ (edit)

‘Bogey Wobble’

‘Secret Friend’

‘Mr H Atom’/ ‘You Know I’ll Get You Baby’

‘Wonderful Christmastime’ (edit)

‘All You Horse Riders’/ ‘Blue Sway’


‘Coming Up’ (full length version)

‘Front Parlour’ (full length version)

‘Frozen Jap’ (full length version)

‘Darkroom’ (full length version)

‘Check My Machine’ (full length version)

‘Wonderful Christmastime’ (full length version)

‘Summer’s Day Song’ (original without vocals)

‘Waterfalls’ (DJ edit)


‘Meet Paul McCartney’

‘Coming Up’ (music video)

‘Waterfalls’ (music video)

‘Wonderful Christmastime’ (music video)

‘Coming Up’ ((live at the Concert For The People Of Kampuchea)

‘Coming Up’ (taken from a rehearsal session at Lower Gate Farm, 1979)

‘Making the ‘Coming Up’ music video’

‘Blue Sway’

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