Oasis will ‘never’ reform, says Liam Gallagher

Singer gears up his new band Beady Eye

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Liam Gallagher has declared that Oasis will “never” reform.

The frontman, now singing with his ex-Oasis bandmantes minus brother Noel in Beady Eye, said his new outfit was not a “stopgap”.

Responding to a question about whether there would ever be an Oasis reunion, Liam replied: “Never. This is not a stopgap until me and Noel come to our senses and start Oasis again. That is well and truly done.”


Speaking to The Guardian, Liam was also critical of [url=http://www.nme.com/news/oasis/47016]Noel’s statement after he left the band in August 2009[/url].

In the statement Noel bemoaned “the lack of support and understanding from my management and bandmates” he had received.

Liam called the statement “absolute fucking bollocks”.


He added: “I just look at him [Noel] now and think, ‘You’re a fucking fake.’ It’s like, if you want to fucking leave the band, leave the band… if you wanna have five years off, have five years off. We’ll sit down as a band and talk about it. But don’t start going, ‘I was bullied out of the band.’ Fucking shite.”

Gallagher also confirmed that Beady Eye would not play any Oasis material on their forthcoming UK tour.

The band’s debut album, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’, is out on February 28.

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