Oasis Road Movie World Premiere

Noel introduces band documentary in New York

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“Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” the new Oasis documentary made it’s world premiere at the CMJ festival in New York on Saturday (November 4).

Noel Gallagher made a special appearance at the screening to take questions in a special session after the film. Around 400 fans queued from as early 3am to make sure they could attend the screening.

Film director Bailie Walsh captures Oasis on their “Don’t Believe The Truth” world tour, with a collection of intimate band interviews and backstage footage.


Walsh previously worked with the band when he directed the Oasis promo video for the single “Let There Be Love” in 2005.

At the Q&A session, Noel Gallagher answered questions on subjects varying from The Beatles, his relationship with sibling Liam Gallagher and the group’s forthcoming best of collection ‘Stop The Clocks’.

When asked by a fan why he claims Oasis are ‘the greatest band in the world’ Noel responded by saying, “I only go by what’s on the charts, I’m not interested in what’s hip to music critics”.


He added that he’d been misinterpreted saying Oasis were the “greatest thing since Elvis Presley” he was actually saying, ‘I think I’m the best thing in the Top 40 and I think anybody whose from England would probably agree with that!.”

Oasis release “Stop The Clocks” on November 20, whilst “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” will be screened in the UK later this month.

To watch the Bailie Walsh directed Oasis video “Let There Be Love – Click here


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