And Noel speaks about being in the biggest band in Britain


Liam Gallagher has exclusively revealed that he’s written a song called “Guess I’m Out of Time”, presumably for Oasis. He told James Brown for Uncut, “The way I see it, what’s the fucking point of having all this time off if you’ve got the tunes? I’ve got loads of tunes.”

The Gallagher brothers talk us through their new greatest hits collection ‘Stop The Clocks’ in the latest issue of Uncut, out today.

Noel also tells Uncut how self-doubt nearly made him quit the band at the height of their fame – following their historic 1996 Knebworth shows. “It’s like, what do you do when you’ve done everything?” said Gallagher Sr. “You kind of sink into boredom. I don’t know. Kind of directionless.”

‘Stop The Clocks” is released on November 20.