Noel Gallagher concedes Liam is enjoying a more successful solo career than him

He also gives an update on his new album

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Noel Gallagher has praised his brother Liam for carving out a successful solo career.

The former Oasis chief admitted that his sibling is actually currently doing better than him in terms of concert ticket and album sales.

He told Chris Evans’ How to Wow podcast: “He’s doing massive gigs, he’s selling more records than I am and he’s selling more tickets than I am, if you can believe that.


“So he’s doing his thing and I’m doing mine and we’re both pretty happy doing that at the moment.”

Liam & Noel Gallagher
Oasis, 1995. Credit: Stefan De Batselier.

He continued: “Liam’s doing his thing, he’s responsible for the legacy being what it is, he’s keeping the flame alive and all that and good for him.”

Noel also gave an update on recording sessions for his next album, after working in his own “privately owned studio”.

He said: “It was opened in November last year so I’ve been writing a new record in there ever since.

“I had side one [of my new album] completed before the summer holidays and just started the first track of side two today. It went pretty well, actually.”

Originally published on NME

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